DAC Team Feature: Brianna Martin, Personal Trainer

Our colleague spotlight includes a lovely personal trainer that joined our team in April. She is dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle while creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for her clients here. If you’ve trained with her, you already know we’re talking about Brianna Martin.


Brianna, or Bri, has been a personal trainer for 3.5 years and absolutely loves it. She was motivated to become a healthier version of herself and started by eating vegan six years ago. After seeing the positive changes it made to her day-to-day living, it didn’t take too much persuading for her to learn more about personal training. After a few years of creating and crushing her goals, she wanted to help those who needed the extra push.


Bri currently specializes in strength and conditioning and mobility. Her favorite part about being a personal trainer is getting to know a wide variety of people. “You get to know people’s true identity and how they work with the knowledge given to them.” Bri’s motivation to stay active is longevity; the desire to stay healthy for her family.


We asked what her favorite part of the DAC is, and she responded, “I like how peaceful and welcoming it is. The DAC doesn’t have the typical gym stigma attached. It’s comfortable here.”


Bri is available to take on new clients. You can get her card from the check-in desk, or if you see her on the floor! She works with all ages and abilities. She can assist with macro tracking, nutrition tips and tricks, and having a balanced diet (including her favorite Taco Bell order). 😉  

Thank you, Bri, for the passion and dedication you put into yourself, and your work!

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