Personal Training

Our Educated and Certified Personal Training Staff is Ready to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Whether you are interested in learning how to use the equipment properly, lose weight, build strength, rehabilitate an injury, or train for a sport-specific activity, our personal trainers can help.

Though the goals of our Members differ, in all cases, personal training means efficient and effective workouts, personal attention, motivation, support and accountability. Personal trainers are always available to meet with Members and work with all ages and fitness levels. The DAC offers one-on-one and group training packages for sale.

Train With The Best

We’re proud to hire the best in the industry. All of our trainers are accredited and certified. The DAC’s training team specializes in the following:

Weight loss<br />
Weight loss
Athletic performance
Athletic performance
Cardiovascular Endurance<br />
Cardiovascular Endurance
Strength training<br />
Strength training
Balance & Flexibility Training<br />
Balance & Flexibility Training
Condition-specific, injury rehabilitation or corrective training<br />
Condition-specific, injury rehabilitation or corrective training
Functional Fitness<br />
Functional Fitness

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