DAC Membership Perks – Reciprocity

Being a member at the DAC comes with many fantastic benefits, and access to a variety of reciprocal memberships is one of the most unique and resourceful. The DAC has relationships with FitLife, the Health and Fitness Association, and reciprocity with independent clubs not only in the PNW, but around the world.

FitLife is an association of independently-owned health and fitness clubs in the PNW, providing access to over 60 clubs. Additionally, we’re part of the Health and Fitness Association (H & F), a global community of health and fitness professionals committed to building their businesses and improving their communities’ health and well-being. Along with these partnerships, we have our own list of reciprocal clubs in the United States, offering you access to hundreds of gyms worldwide.

For our PNW members, you can explore fellow athletic clubs and gyms through these links:

For travelers, the H & F app, Train Away, allows you to access gyms worldwide. Download the app on your smartphone and add the code GHUO-376 to recognize you as a DAC member. This code is specific to DAC members only and will not work with non-members.

Visiting other clubs? DAC members may visit independent reciprocity facilities (shown below) with a letter of introduction from our membership department. Please inform membership of any members interested in using these facilities before their departure. Similarly, members from reciprocal clubs may use our facility with a letter of introduction from their club prior to arrival.

For inquiries, please contact memberservices@downtownac.com.

Independent Reciprocity

The Bellevue Athletic Club in Bellevue, Washington

Cincinnati Athletic Club, Cincinnati, Ohio

Engineers Club, Baltimore, Maryland

Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, Oregon

The Petroleum Club of Bakersfield, Bakersfield, California

The Racquet Club of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Spokane Athletic Club, Spokane, Washington

Terminal City Club, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Union Club of British Columbia, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Wamsutta Club, New Bedford, Massachusetts

The Washington Athletic Club, Seattle, Washington

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