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Family Programs
Newberry Child Care offers full-time and part-time care to children ages 2.5 to 6 years old.

Newberry Child Care (NCC) boasts a state-certified Preschool & Pre-K curriculum which is open to the public and located inside the Downtown Athletic Club. Our school provides families an opportunity to receive affordable education in an environment designed to nurture every child’s emotional, social, creative, and intellectual development.

& Curriculum

Family Programs


We believe that preschool-age children learn largely through play.

Activities such as art projects, games, song and movement expand their knowledge and understanding of the world while developing hand-eye coordination, and enhancing memory skills and attention span. Through social interaction, children learn to solve problems, develop self-help skills, make decisions, get along with others, cooperate, negotiate and take turns. The focus of our curriculum is to promote your child’s intellectual and physical development.

Family Programs


At Newberry Child Care philosophy is developmental, which means we look at each child as an individual when planning curriculum and our daily routine. Our program is child centered and we focus on the whole child. Family input is an integral component of a child’s educational and developmental goals. It is through our partnership with the family that we are able to meet every child’s needs in our programming efforts. When planning, we touch all areas of development including social, emotional, intellectual, large and small motor. We strive to foster independence and positive self-esteem.

Ratio and Class Size

Every child grows and develops at a different rate. To accommodate this, we have two separate program groups, a Preschool aged class for 2 ½ – 4-year olds and Pre-K for 4-6-year olds. Each group has a maximum class size of 15 children, with two teachers. The state mandated ratio for staff to preschool age children is 1: 10. Each classroom will stimulate children’s intellectual, social, and emotional development. Occasionally, when attendance is low, the two groups may be combined into one classroom.


NCC teachers and support staff are passionate about your child’s happiness and education and provide a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates learning. Our experienced staff is educated in early childhood development and participate in continuing education each year. They have been carefully screened and have certifications in First Aid and CPR.

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