Annual Fitness Consultation

Every DAC member receives a complimentary Annual Fitness Consultation that can cover a variety of options:

  • Movement and Mobility Assessment 

  • Exercise Form and Correction 

  • Sports and/or Conditioning Assessment

  • Workout Program Review and Recommendations

  • Nutrition Consultation*

  • Goal setting 

  • And much more!

*Nutrition Consultations must be done with a certified nutrition coach. 

To schedule your complimentary Annual Fitness Consultation (AFC), contact DAC Programs at or call (541) 484-4011 ext. 226


Let us know:

  • Do you prefer a male or female Coach?

  • What are your health and fitness goals? (Build strength, prepare for an event, lose weight, improve health, etc)

  • What days and times work best for you?

  • Any injuries or limitations that you’d like the Coach to know beforehand?